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Wooden toy trains make great additions to our wooden trainsets. Our range of colourfully painted wooden trains are fantastic quality.


Smart battery powered engine for wooden train sets (colours may vary)

The optional Guard’s Van which can be added to complete our personalised Rail Name.
Dual-purpose Car and Car carrying carriage
Big Red Train Engine with magnetic coupling

Blue ABC Train Engine and magnetic coupled carriage.

Dual purpose Tractor and Low Loader Carriage

Bright red battery powered engine with extra pulling power!


Wooden Car Loader includes engine, transporter with cars, track and a buffer

Pink Train Engine & magnetic coupled carriage

Engine to go with Rail Name

Brightly painted wooden Santa on his sleigh being pulled by one of his red nosed reindeers. Presented on a piece of track with fixed buffer. Great as a stand-alone Christmas decoration.


Colourful wooden engine and 3 goods wagons.

A pretty pink train, compatible with all leading brands.
Journey to the land of dinosaurs with a dino-style engine and 3 carriages
Passenger Train, includes engine, guard’s van & 2 passenger carriages with extra track.

Children will love using this cheerful red engine to deliver crucial supplies around their railway!

A personalised present and a train in one! Shown with our Rail Name Engine (code 60223) and Guard’s Van (code 60104) which are not included with the train but available separately to make up the full train.

Specify the child’s name in the box below and select the number of train letters required – the price will then be calculated, at £2.50 each. Due to the height of the letters, they will not fit under the bridge in the Figure of Eight train set, but are fully compatible to run on the track.


Wooden trains can provide hours of amusement and fun for your little one. We have a wide variety of colourfully painted wooden trains to suit all ages. Whether you are looking for an adorable fairy princess train, a numbers train to help teach your little one how to count, or perhaps a more traditional goods train carrying fruit and veg, you’ll find a great toy train here.

All our train are from leading brands, such as Bigjigs Rail, and are fully compatible with all other leading brands, including Brio. Follow this link to learn more about compatibility of wooden train sets between brands

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