Japanese Companies to supply Rail cars to Myanmar

Japanese Companies to supply Myanmar with Rail cars

Companies have procured a bargain to present train cars that were fresh for an continuing railroad job in Myanmar.

Instruct maker Niigata Transys and leading trading house Marubeni have declared that they’ll provide Myanmar Railways with 24 train automobiles.

The market of the country is experiencing strong growth, although Myanmar is having trouble with its aging railway systems.

Myanmar Railways is focusing on a project directed at modernizing the programs on the railway line between also the biggest commercial city of Mandalay and the country’s biggest city of Yangon.

The 24 cars will likely be utilized for a portion of the lineup that runs from Yangon to Taungoo. It’s about 270 km.

The project will shorten the time, although it takes 7 hours to travel between the two cities.

Marubeni plans to start delivering the rail cars in 2020. In addition, it plans to provide training for those engineers that are responsible for upkeep.

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