Car Burglar claims 500 cars were stolen by him

His luck ran out Valley.

Nope, that is not the name of a state song, but what occurred in California who led police on a chase after midnight on Wednesday.

Timothy Jack Parker and his Daniel William Harrington were on the run in a Jeep Wrangler they grabbed from an automobile dealership in Anderson when they were spotted by a K-9 unit and a pursuit ensued.

The chase reached speeds of over 90 miles and continued into nearby Happy Valley, in which the Jeep crashed through a rebel weapon which got stuck into front of it and proceeded down a dirt street, according to a police report on the episode.

The Jeep became disabled and the officer ordered that the group warning them that if they attempted to run he would send his K-9 partner, Aero.


They complied and exited the automobile, Parker dressed in a shirt with the phrase “Lucky” plus also a four-leaf clover on front.

Both were discovered to be on probation for thefts they were convicted of.

Parker was arrested evading a peace officer, while Harrington is facing charges of vehicle theft and a probation violation, evading a peace officer on the wrong side of the roadway, felony vandalism, and a probation violation.

The police state that throughout his interview, the Parker told them that he had been stealing cars since he was 12 and figures he had robbed over 500 since, turning most of these.

He also said that the reason he had turned the dirt street down, where it led, even though he didn’t know, was because he knew there was a K-9 unit after him and he didn’t want to get little.

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